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One Complete Life - Monthly Round-Up - Body Positive Articles from Around the Web

Monthly Round-Up: October


One Complete Life - Monthly Round-Up - Body Positive Articles from Around the Web

This is the start of a new feature, my monthly round-up of the best body positive fitness, food, and yoga posts from around the web.

And what a way to start! October has been a busy month for body positive content so I’ve got five great articles for you.

Without further ado, here’s Octobers monthly roundup

1. Work Tip? “Stop Dieting,” Says This #XLBossLady

“Being fat also makes me rebellious, and this is good!  When I think about employment discrimination against fat people (or fat, black women), I feel rage and a deep drive to get the job, to get the salary.  So I always apply.  And I always negotiate money.”

2. Why do so many women have a complex relationship with food?

“I know I have put off doing things because they don’t adhere to my ‘rules’; I’ve turned down dinner invitations because I didn’t want to be the person eating salad while everyone else tucked into pizza. That I’ve felt high as a kite when I’ve eaten to fit my self-imposed standards and pretty low when I haven’t.”

3. Weight stigma: five unspoken truths

“…it is estimated that around 80-85% of people with eating disorders are not underweight. It can also take longer for people with obesity to receive treatment for disordered eating.”

4. Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong

(ok this is from September, but it’s really worth a read so I’m including it anyway!)

“The terrible irony is that for 60 years, we’ve approached the obesity epidemic like a fad dieter: If we just try the exact same thing one more time, we’ll get a different result. And so it’s time for a paradigm shift. We’re not going to become a skinnier country. But we still have a chance to become a healthier one.”

5. I was on a diet for 18 years. Here’s what I learned…

“…this is one of the fundamental truths about all diets – or, indeed, ‘transformation’ plans. “The more we rely on advice from others, the more we lose touch with our own appetite and eating instincts. Then it becomes a cycle. Our bodies no longer know how to regulate their own mealtimes. We don’t get the normal hunger signals or fullness signals. And we don’t trust them when we do.” Basically, we become reliant on diets, and dieting becomes another coded habit we can’t quite kick.”


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