No Gym? No Problem! Introducing the terrific ten travelling workout

Recently I wrote about 5 ridiculously easy ways to keep fit while travelling, but of course body weight exercises are one of the easiest ways to work about when you’re away from the gym. That’s why I’ve put together this total body workout. No equipment necessary, although you will need a chair or a sturdy item of furniture for the step ups and tricep dips.


  • Mountain climbers, 30sec – 1min
  • Jumping jacks, 30 sec – 1min
  • Jog on the spot (high knees) or skip for 30 sec – 1 min

By now you should be nice and warm, and ready for the terrific (or terrible depending on your perspective I guess!) ten exercises to follow. Do each exercise one after the other, with no rest in between.


  1. Step ups, on a chair or similar, x10 each leg
  2. Push ups, x10. You can do these on your knees, or even against a wall if necessary
  3. Wall squat, hold for 30 seconds
  4. Superman, hold for 10 seconds x5
  5. Prisoner squats, x10
  6. Plank, hold for 30 seconds
  7. Squat jumps x10
  8. Tricep dips (on a chair or table or other study piece of furniture) x10
  9. Lunges x10 each leg

Rest for 1-2 mins then repeat the circuit. If you’re just starting out though, one circuit might be enough. If you’re already pretty fit, you can aim for 3 circuits or even more!

And if you feel like still like you have some gas left in the tank, try this finisher.


Do 10 descending sets of burpees, starting with 10 reps. So you do 1 set of 10 burpees, the next set of 9, then 8 etc etc until you get to one.

Although I’ve called this the ‘terrific ten travelling workout’ there’s no reason why you can’t do this at home too. Bodyweight workouts are a free and easy way to get in shape, no gym necessary.

If you need guidance on how to do any of these exercises, check out the Pinterest board here where I have pinned explanations for each exercise.

If you give this little workout a go, let me know in the comments section how you get on.

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  1. Natalie 3rd September 2016 at 9:56 am

    Wow! You weren’t kidding. One circuit was enough for me, thank you kindly! And there was definitely nothing left for a burpee! Really fab to have an option for on the hop. I will definitely add this to my repertoire when work leaves me stuck in a travelodge!

    1. Eloise 3rd September 2016 at 10:04 am

      Hehe I told you it was brutal! Well done for getting it done though 🙂 x


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