3 Badass Body Positive Podcasts I’m Loving Right Now

3 Badass Body Positive Podcasts I’m Loving Right Now - One Complete Life

I love podcasts! 

I’ve been a regular podcast listener since before podcasts were even really a thing. But these days there are SO MANY amazing podcasts out there covering a vast array of topics. 

I can’t get enough of them. 

My favourite way to enjoy the Autumn sunshine is to head out on a long walk and listen to a good podcast. I have podcasts for learning, podcasts to help me up my business game, podcasts to make me laugh, podcasts to help me relax. You name it, there’s a podcast for it.

But my absolute favourite podcasts right now are the body positive/anti-diet podcasts. In the last few years, there has been an explosion of badass body positive podcasts and I want to share some of the best with you. 

1. Food Psych

This is the first anti-diet intuitive eating based podcast I came across. It’s hosted by Registered Dietician Christy Harrision and I can’t recommend it highly enough.  Find it here.

2. Don’t Salt My Game

I’ve recently started to listen to this podcast from nutritionist Laura Thomas, and it’s an excellent source of Intuitive Eating info. Download it here.

3. Unpacking Weight Science 

Although this is aimed more at practitioners, I love the focus on the science here. There are so many pervasive myths about weight and health that are just accepted as true by almost everyone. It’s so interesting to hear about what science actually says about these issues. Find it here

Also, I have a bonus mention for Life Unrestricted by Meret Boxler. The last new episode was released way back in June, but the back catalogue is definitely still worth a listen. 

So, that’s my personal top 3 badass body positive podcasts but if you have any other recommendations I would love to hear them! Drop me a message in the comments below. 

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