Are meal delivery services the secret to healthy living?

In theory, healthy living isn’t that difficult. You eat well, you move often and try and cut down on stress. But in practice it often feels really hard. In large part I think this is because we are all so chronically busy and these things take time. Although I love cooking, it can be pretty time consuming and its it’s often the last thing I feel like doing after a long day at work.

So it’s probably no surprise that a number of new businesses have sprung up offering to make eating well quick and easy. I decided to put three of these to the test to see if meal delivery services really are the secret to healthy living.



Fresh Fitness Food

FFF deliver daily so your meals are always fresh. I loved walking out of my house in the morning to find my little cool bag of food ready and waiting for me to take to work. The delivery are totally customisable so it’s easy to skip a day if you have other plans. For sheer convenience alone, FFF is a winner.

The service is very customisable, in terms of both ingredients and nutritional profile. You can select which ingredients or food groups you want to exclude as well as setting personalised macro nutrient goals, so it’s easy to accommodate allergies, special diets and personal taste. However, unlike the other services I reviewed, you have no idea what meals you are going to receive each day until they arrive.

The meals themselves are nice, but they did feel a bit like ‘diet’ food to me. I think FFF would be ideal for some people, especially those that have very specific athletic goals, but if you’re a foodie like me honestly, you might get bored. I had to start ‘pimping’ my meals to make them a bit more exciting so even though FFF provide 3 meals (or more) a day, I did still end up doing a bit of shopping.

The FFF team are really great and on the few occasions I needed to call them up they were extremely helpful and accommodating.

In general, FFF is a slick and impressive service and the process is pretty much fuss free. I really enjoyed the freedom the daily deliveries gave me, and I can see myself using FFF in the future for short periods where I’m particularly busy or am training particularly hard but the meals aren’t interesting enough for me to use the service long term.

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Rating ☆☆☆☆


Enjoying one of the delicious PaleoChef salads al desko


In many ways PaleoChef is the opposite of FFF. The meals are really lovely and feel much more like a treat than the FFF offerings but the service offers zero flexibility, which made it a non starter for me. If you’re not a fussy eater, this might be the way to go because the meals I received, the ones I actually ate were truly delicious, but I ended up wasting some of the food just because it included ingredients I’m not particularly fond of. If you like to retain some control over what you eat then this service is not going to be for you.

The food is fresh, although some meals are vacuum packed, and the meals are delivered weekly.

Rating ☆☆☆



Everdine delivers healthy frozen meals once a fortnight (or more/less frequently as required). Although perhaps not as fancy as the PaleoChef menu, the meals from Everdine are seriously tasty. They don’t feel like diet food at all which is a big plus for me. I also really liked that you get complete flexibility to pick which meals you receive.

The meals arrive frozen which makes it easy to store them and also meant it was flexible enough to fit in with a busy life if your plans change. Everdine is not a complete meal delivery service, you only get one meal a day so you still need to figure something out for that other two, but actually even though originally that’s what I thought I wanted, this actually worked out better for me. Although I still had to shop and cook some meals, I didn’t end up wasting food if I decided to meet friends for dinner one evening.

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Rating ☆☆☆☆☆


I spent a really long time researching meal delivery services and I feel these three really are the cream of the crop, so in a way, they all have strong points and which is best probably comes down to personal preference. However, for me the clear winner was Everdine.

Everdine ticks all the boxes, you have total control over what food you receive, the meals are genuinely really tasty so I actually looked forward to eating them, and having them frozen and delivered monthly was actually the most convenient and lead to the least wastage. I still had to shop and cook some meals but on balance, this was actually probably a good thing.

So, are meal delivery services the secret to healthy living? They just might be! Having a freezer full of healthy meals waiting for me when I get home, make it about 80% less likely that I’ll resort to Deliveroo pizza. Obviously shopping and cooking yourself is cheapest, but who has time for that?! When you add up all the money I saved on takeaways and convenience food, I actually think I probably saved money overall.


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