5 Reasons Why the Kettlebell Swing is the Perfect Exercise

5 Reasons why the Kettlebell Swing is the Perfect Exercise - One Complete Life

Kettlebell swings are amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I love traditional strength training but for a single exercise the kettlebell swing is hard to beat! 

I love kettlebell swings because you just get so much bang for your buck! They’re quick, simple, only require 1 piece of kit and get your seriously fit. In fact, the kettlebell swing is the perfect exercise, for these 5 reasons: 

1. Trains Your Posterior Chain

Despite what you might see some people doing in your local gym, the kettlebell swing is a hip hinge movement, not a squat movement. This means that, done correctly, it’s a fantastic exercise for your whole posterior chain (basically your back, core, bum, and hamstrings). Training the posterior chain is especially important for people who spend most of the day sitting down, which let’s face it is most of us!


2. Good for your Lower Back 

Not only does it strengthen the posterior chain, but this study found that for people with lower back issues the kettlebell swing is a better exercise than traditional postural chain movements, such as the deadlift. 


3. Packs a Punch

This study found that a training routine of kettlebell swings improved both maximal and explosive strength. Simply put, that means you’ll be stronger and more powerful!


4. You Can Do It Nearly Anywhere

You only need one piece of equipment – a single kettlebell. You can get one relatively cheaply and it doesn’t take up much space. No gym membership necessary! I’d recommend a between 8-16kg for women, men will probably want to go heavier. 


5. It’s Quick 

Because the kettlebell swing gets your heart rate up quickly, a hardcore session of kettlebell swings should only take you about 20 mins max. This also means that kettlebell training can significantly improve your aerobic capacity, as this study demonstrated. 


Not only are kettlebell swings an amazing exercise they’re also fun! Well, I think so anyway 😉 

Why not give them a try and let me know how you get on? 

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