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If you’re trying to be a little healthier the Everdine meal delivery service might just be the thing you’re looking for. 

You know the old saying, fail to prepare, prepare to fail. And I think this is especially true when it comes to health goals.

The truth is, most people these days are chronically busy. Between working, commuting, trying to get enough sleep and, god forbid, trying to actually maintain a social life, looking after one’s health often gets bumped down the list of priorities. I’m frequently working with my clients to come up with strategies to address this. And one great way to help make it easier to prioritise healthy eating is to use a meal delivery service.

I remember my corporate days well. I’d come home, exhausted from a long day sat hunched over my desk. If it had been a good day, I may have gotten a gym session in at some point, and maybe even managed to eat a healthy-ish lunch. But by the time I got home, I would be drained and the prospect of cooking a healthy dinner would suddenly seem near impossible. Invariably, I would end up sat on my sofa tucking into a takeaway.

So that’s where meal delivery services come into play.

Why use a meal delivery service?

Maybe a meal delivery service seems like a bit of a luxury. But when you start to factor in opportunity cost, it’s a no-brainer.

What is ‘opportunity cost’? It’s an economic principle that says that when choosing between options,  we should consider what we give up to achieve a particular option as opposed to any other.

Still sound like gobbledegook? Basically, time is money. Opportunity cost says you need to consider whether the time you spend shopping for ingredients and cooking your own meals could be put to a better use. Perhaps you could use that time to work on something productive. Perhaps you could use it to exercise, socialise or just relax with a book.

This is why, far from being a luxury that only the super-rich can take advantage of, many economists would say we should all probably be outsourcing more of our menial tasks. Anyway, I digress! Back to the review …

Originally, I tried 3 different meal delivery services, but Everdine came out the clear winner which is why I wanted to review it for you in detail and share my Everdine discount code with you.


Everdine sell packages of 8 or 12 meals which are delivered on a Friday or Saturday (you can choose the date). The delivery schedule is completely customisable, so you can choose to have a box delivered every week, every fortnight or even every month. The meals arrive individually packaged and frozen, so you just pop them in the freezer and they’re waiting there for you whenever you need them. All the meals can be cooked straight from frozen, so no defrosting is necessary.

Why I Like it

As a foodie, the number one reason I like Everdine is that the meals are tasty. This is a priority for me. I know some people can shovel down bland meals of steamed broccoli and chicken breast in the name of chasing their health and fitness goals, but I am not one of them!

As far as I’m concerned, food is one of life’s great pleasures and one I’m not prepared to deny myself!

Put simply, the food is still delicious.  The meals are all healthy and well balanced, without being ‘diet food’. It’s food you actually want to eat.

The other great thing about Everdine is that you can completely customise your order. I never used to think of myself as a picky eater, but it turns out I really am! When I spent a few months trialing different meal delivery services, I often found I ended up wasting food because I have received meals I just didn’t want to eat. With Everdine that’s not an issue because I had complete control over which meals I received.

The other big plus for me is that by only ordering meals to eat for dinner, I still had the freedom to incorporate other things I liked the stuff I ate the rest of the day. Occasionally I have clients for whom a 3 meals a day complete meal delivery service is more appropriate but generally, I think people like the freedom of having a bit more flexibility.

Talking of flexibility, I also like the fact that the Everdine meals arrive frozen. I’ll admit initially, I was a bit skeptical about getting frozen meals instead of fresh. But when I was getting fresh deliveries, it meant that I often ended up eating food if I decided on an impromptu meal out with friends.

The frozen meals from Everdine still taste great and the fact that they’re frozen means they’ll still be waiting for me if my plans change last minute.

The fact that the meals can all be heating in the microwave is quite handy too. Occasionally I would take one into work to have as a healthy lunch instead. This is particularly handy if you don’t have time to make a packed lunch and you work somewhere where getting a healthy lunch is difficult.

Everdine offer a vegetarian and non-vegetarian plan. But as the meal choice is completely flexible you can make a completely bespoke package catered to your own personal tastes. Want mainly vegetarian meals but with some fish options? No problem! Want a lot of meaty options but absolutely no pork? Easy as pie!

Prices start from £55.20, but with my Everdine discount code, your first order could cost as little as £30.

So if you’re looking for ways to be a bit healthier, use this Everdine discount code and give Everdine a try!

Everdine Discount Code

Everdine have kindly provided me with an Everdine discount code for you all to use. Just click here to us IN1LESANTO at the checkout to get a massive £22.50 off the RRP of £52.50.


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Everdine review & £22.50 everdine discount code
Everdine review & £22.50 everdine discount code

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